Paediatric Osteopathy

Our osteopaths treat babies, children and teenagers. We have a twice weekly children’s osteopathy clinic, on Wednesday mornings and on Saturday mornings, led by our osteopath Simon Barnard.

Since each child is unique, our osteopaths consider the whole child in their initial examinations and treatment plans. They use very subtle and gentle techniques with their hands.

Ask a practitioner or our reception team for more information about paediatric osteopathy treatments.

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What to expect

On your child’s first visit to the Good Health Centre, your osteopath will ask questions about their full medical history and examine their body to make an in-depth assessment. We advise you to dress your child in loose clothing that they can move around in, if possible. Our osteopaths may need to ask you to remove some of your child’s outer clothing and we may ask your child to perform some simple movements.

Our paediatric osteopathy practitioners

Good Health Centre’s highly skilled and experienced osteopathy team all undertake four to five year honours degree programmes, which are underpinned by thorough clinical training.

The osteopathy profession is regulated by law by the General Osteopathic Council, which keeps one register of all osteopaths. In the UK, only practitioners who are registered with the General Osteopathic Council are allowed to call themselves osteopaths.

Find out more about each of our paediatric osteopathy practitioners by clicking on their name:

Cautions and care

Osteopathy is a very safe, non-invasive treatment without the side effects of drugs. It is safe for people of any age, including babies and children.

However, it’s important to let your osteopath know if your child has any medical conditions before their treatment begins as this will help them to choose the appropriate techniques for their condition.

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