Massage is one of the oldest physical therapies known to man.

We all instinctively knead our necks if they ache or rub a child’s injuries better. Everybody deserves a massage: regular treatments can improve your health, your fitness and your general wellbeing.

Here at Good Health Centre we offer two types of massage: remedial and therapeutic.

Remedial massage

Therapeutic massage

Our practitioners

A massage therapist is not required by law to belong to a professional association, nor to have completed a
 specified course of training. However, there are a number of professional associations that practitioners can choose to belong to. These organisations are working together as the General Council for
Massage Therapy to develop common standards of training practice and ethics and one register of practitioners.

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Cautions & care

Massage is a safe and non invasive physical therapy. However, if you have had a recent injury, it is sensible to consult a doctor if there may be any bone damage or fractures.

People with cancer should see specially trained massage practitioners. Deep massage on any part of the body is not advisable for those with active cancer.

Useful links

General Council for Massage Therapy (GCMT)

Sports Massage Association


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