Healthy barbecue recipes

Date posted: September 7th, 2017

  Citrus-spiked sea bass 2-3 large oranges Zest 1 lemon (use juice) 1tbsp olive oil 4 300g whole small sea… Read More


Date posted: September 7th, 2017

We would like to introduce Symprove – a product supporting balance in the digestive system. Good health can be directly… Read More


Date posted: September 7th, 2017

‘‘I know 2am, I know it backwards, inside out. I know the tread of tired tip-toes That against the silence… Read More

Muscle and Condition of the Quarter

Date posted: September 7th, 2017

  Erector Spinae What is it? Often referred to as the ‘long muscles’ of the back, Erector Spinae are a… Read More

Aeroplane advice

Date posted: September 7th, 2017

Many people visit osteopaths due to the discomfort caused by long-haul flights. As many of you may know, this can… Read More


Date posted: May 30th, 2017

Some basic facts about breathing The average adult breaths between 17,000-23,000 times per day whilst at rest, this increases with… Read More

Coping with Depression

Date posted: May 11th, 2017

“Everybody’s experience with depression will be different and each episode can vary in severity.” This month the World Health Organisation… Read More

Pedal on over to the Good Health Centre and get some ‘wheelie’ good tips from our experienced osteopaths …

Date posted: May 2nd, 2017

“The 2017 Tour de Yorkshire” Here at the Good Health Centre, all of our osteopaths are pro cyclists, it’s a… Read More


Date posted: April 24th, 2017

Common Injuries With Gardening & How Osteopathy May Help. Gardening injuries are much more common than people believe. Like any… Read More

Tinnitus and the Temporomandibular Joint

Date posted: February 23rd, 2017

Tinnitus affects roughly 30% of people, with an estimated 10% of people suffering from persistent tinnitus. Tinnitus can be a… Read More

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