New Year’s Resolutions

A New Year’s Resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? We’ve asked our staff…


Ami – Director

I will be more mindful.


Mireille – Practice Manager

I will eat more dark chocolate.


June – Practice Manager

I will laugh more.


Justine – Patient Care Co-ordinator

I will write 2018 instead of 2017.


Linda – Receptionist

I will sleep more.


Christine – Receptionist

I will ride my horse Pharaoh more.


Josh – Osteopath

I will suffer with less man flu.


Sebastian – Osteopath

I will restart giving blood.


Pavan – Reflexologist and massage therapist

I will have no expectations of anything or anyone, and accept the outcome, whatever that may be.


Robert – Acupuncturist

I will reduce and re-use plastic, and drink more jasmine tea.

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